Content-based query of image databases: inspirations from text retrieval

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    abstract = { This paper reports the application of techniques inspired by text retrieval research to content-based image retrieval. In particular, we show how the use of an inverted file data structure permits the use of an extremely high-dimensional feature-space, by restricting search to the subspace spanned by the features present in the query. A suitably sparse set of colour and texture features is proposed. A weighting scheme based on feature frequencies is used to combine disparate features in a compatible manner, and naturally extends to incorporate relevance feedback queries. The use of relevance feedback is shown consistently to improve system performance. },
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Keywords: machine learning, information geometry, data mining, Big Data, affective information retrieval (recherche d'information), information visualisation, content-based image and video retrieval (CBIR, CBR, CBVR, CBMR, CBMIR), information mining, classification, multimedia and multimodal information management, semantic web, knowledge base (RDF, OWL, XML, metadata, auto-annotation, description), multimodal information fusion