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 You may read this [[http://​viper.unige.ch/​documents/​informer.pdf|article]] of the [[http://​irsg.bcs.org/​display_informers.php|Informer (Winter 2009)]], presenting the group from the IR perspective. You may read this [[http://​viper.unige.ch/​documents/​informer.pdf|article]] of the [[http://​irsg.bcs.org/​display_informers.php|Informer (Winter 2009)]], presenting the group from the IR perspective.
-We are part of [[research:​projects|national and international projects]], including: +We are part of [[research:​projects|national and international projects]] 
-   * The [[http://​www.keystone-cost.eu/​|KEYSTONE]] COST Action ​ + 
-   * The [[http://www.idiap.ch/​project/​maaya/|MAAYA]] project+The Viper group collaborates closely with the [[http://dmml.ch/|Data Mining and Machine Learning (DMML)]] group of the University of Applied Sciences, Western Switzerland (HEG). ​
 \\ \\
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Keywords: machine learning, information geometry, data mining, Big Data, affective information retrieval (recherche d'information), information visualisation, content-based image and video retrieval (CBIR, CBR, CBVR, CBMR, CBMIR), information mining, classification, multimedia and multimodal information management, semantic web, knowledge base (RDF, OWL, XML, metadata, auto-annotation, description), multimodal information fusion